‘Billow Dick’ chef Rachel calls Austin Kroll a ‘narcissist’ on Twitter

Chef Rachel Hargrove shares her true feelings for “Southern Charm” star Austin Kroll.

Cheers to the most narsasitic [sic] t–t on BravoTV, star of “Below Deck” chirp On Tuesday, with an article on Kroll.

Hargrove then proceeded to share a series of purported texts between her and someone from Bravo’s PR team.

In the since-deleted post, which was Captured by @queensofbravo On the Twitter account, the public relations officer asked Hargrove to remove the tweet.

“I don’t sit, I stand… I am sick of BS… I refuse to participate in @BravoCon2022,” Hargrove commented to the post, adding, “End up with the bullies on TV.”

Page Six has reached out to representatives from both Kroll and Bravo for comment.

In the script series, Hargrove claimed that Kroll was rude to her on several occasions.

“It was in Tampa and Fort Lauderdale where I live…we met…but the really good thing is that I met their brewing team,” she allegedly wrote to a PR representative. “We all wish [hanging] Outside. He didn’t like the fact that I wasn’t partying and he didn’t do everything… being an idiot.”

Hargrove went on to claim that Kroll had been mean to her on another occasion.

“the guys [guy’s] Idiot…even when he and the boss [“Southern Charm” star Shep Rose] Across [sic] My bag is on the ground in the fronts while waiting to go for rehearsal.”

Rachel Hargrove holding a knife.
The reality star claimed that Kroll was rude to her on several occasions.
@cherachelhargrove / Instagram

The network representative then allegedly encouraged Hargrove to remove the bad tweet, stating, “It is not in our best interest for you to say negative things about other programs on our network. Every show and talent should support each other or say nothing at all.”

The “Bottom of the Deck” star’s response was another Kroll search, telling the actor, “Just make sure the drunk cokehead makes sure he doesn’t talk to me again.”

Fans on Twitter were quick to respond to the harsh tweets, with many arguing that Hargrove’s anti-Kroll digs apparently came out of nowhere.

Many Twitter users were surprised by Hargrove’s Twitter rampage.
@cherachelhargrove / Instagram

“Girl…I think Madison is in the same category,” one person wrote, referring to Kroll’s ex-girlfriend and fellow “Southern Charm” Madison LeCroy.

“I’ve never met her,” Hargrove tweeted in response. “But I had the unfortunate experience of being around him.”

Austin Kroll with his famous girlfriend Olivia Flower.
It is now rumored that Kroll is dating Olivia Flowers.
taylorannagreen / Instagram

As Page Six previously reported, Kroll and LeCroy dated on and off for two years before they split up for good in 2020. After the split, the exes continued to feud.

Since then, LeCroy has moved on to Brett Randle and is engaged to Brett Randle, while Kroll is rumored to be dating Olivia Flowers.

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