Dash has released a mini waffle maker ‘Tiny Chef’ to take advantage of the No Kid Hungry campaign

If you love helping out a good cause as much as you enjoy a hearty homemade breakfast, you’ll want to check out Dash’s newest mini waffle maker. The kitchen appliance brand has teamed up with the creators of “The Tiny Chef Show” to design an exclusive waffle maker for Williams Sonoma.

The appliance is adorably decorated with illustrations of the little green doctor, making it a fun and colorful addition to any kitchen. With the functionality you’d expect from any original Dash Mini waffle maker, it’s reliable and easy to use. But it can also do something other agencies can’t: help end child hunger in the United States.

For eight years in a row, Williams-Sonoma has conducted the Tools for Change fundraising program for No Hungry Child. The partnership has helped provide more than 160 million meals for children to date. This year’s goal is to raise more than $3 million and help provide nearly 30 million meals for children across the country.

Williams Sonoma

Fundraising efforts include limited edition products such as Dash No Kid Hungry Tiny Chef Mini Waffle Maker. At $19.95, the waffle maker comes with a scrub brush and a recipe book with vegan recipes in honor of Tiny Chef, and 30% of the retail price will go to Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign.

It also includes a ticket to Tiny Chef’s Waffle School on Zoom. On Thursday, August 16 at 8 p.m. ET, Tiny Chef’s friend Tyler Florence will host a class with vegan mini pie recipes from Tiny Chef’s Kitchen. Some surprise guests will also stop by.

The Dash Tiny Chef mini waffle maker can make 4″ diameter waffles in just minutes. Just plug it in, wait for it to heat up, add the mixture and close the lid. Indicator light lets you know when the waffle maker is ready to use.


The double-sided PFOA-free waffles feature an improved non-stick surface that heats evenly, cleans easily, and creates crunchy, consistent waffles every time. Apart from the traditional waffle dough, the Dash mini waffle maker can also cook many other ingredients, such as sliced ​​potatoes or cookie dough.

In addition to the Dash Tiny Chef Mini Waffle Maker, other No Kid Hungry products available at Williams Sonoma include a range of spoons, tea towels, and desserts. All items feature designs by celebrities, culinary personalities, chefs, and social media influencers such as Ina Garten, Lauren Alaina and Big Freedia.

No Kid Hungry spoons, $15.95 each, have beech handles from FSC-certified woods. Ergonomically designed to improve comfort and control. The heat-resistant, BPA-free silicone spatula is safe to use with nonstick cookware and will not chip, crack, or absorb flavors and odors from food. Buying each spoonful can help save you 40 servings.

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In sets of two for $24.95, the No Kid Hungry tea towels are made from durable, trusted cotton fabric. They have hanging loops to help keep them close at hand and have been tested and verified by a 3rd party lab to be safe from over 350 harmful substances. Each set of two tea towels can help provide 70 servings.

Williams Sonoma

The treats in this set include chocolate caramel cookies, apple cookies and a dozen cupcakes at a sampling of Georgetown Cupcakes. With flavors like Chocolate Caramel Swirl, Red Velvet, and Pumpkin Cheesecake, this fall’s cupcake sampler will satisfy your sweet tooth while allowing you to make something sweet for the kids in America.

Williams Sonoma

“We are thrilled to have the support of this year’s talented roster of celebrity artists and are grateful to have partnered with Williams Sonoma, along with their clients, to ensure every child has the ‘tools’ and food they need to thrive now and into the future,” said Billy Shore, Founder and CEO of Billy Shore. Share Our Strength in a statement.

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