Fizzy Drinks Brand Katy Perry Raises $4 Million

LOS ANGELES – De Soi, the manufacturer of non-alcoholic appetizers, has raised $4 million in seed funding. The startup will use capital injections to expand its retail presence nationwide.

Co-founded by singer Katy Perry and lead singer Morgan MacLachlan, De Soi debuted earlier this year with a line of low-calorie adaptogen soft drinks. The Los Angeles-based brand has acquired Joomla accounts including Foxtrot, Erewhon, Boisson and Total Wine since its launch in January. Its products are also available to consumers directly, on Amazon and other retail locations across California.

De Soi sparkling drinks serve as an alternative to alcohol, contain no refined sugar and are available in three types. Golden Hour is a “bright and centipede” blend made with maca and L-Theanine from green tea. Features notes of warm citruses, lemon and leafy herbs. Purple Lune is made with ashwagandha and sour cherry and features notes of blackberry nectar, vanilla oak, and rose petals. Champignon Dream contains reishi mushroom and passion flower. Features notes of strawberry, bitter grapefruit and earth.

The brand is built on Mrs. Perry and Mrs. MacLachlan’s shared love of drizzle and a mutual desire for a tasty, delicious drink that is in keeping with their passion for vegan and best-for-you options.

“During and after pregnancy, I went through a prolonged dry spell,” Ms. MacLachlan said. “I didn’t miss the alcohol per se, but discovered that I missed the ritual of enjoying the complexity of a fine glass of wine or an elegant cocktail as a way to relax after work. I wanted a fun and sophisticated drink without alcohol.”

Mrs. MacLachlan brings ten years of experience working with spirits to De Soi. Ms. Berry has used her global platform to support projects focused on health. She is on the board of Bragg, an organic apple cider vinegar brand, and a major investor in Impossible Foods and Apeel Sciences.

“I like to define wellness as taking care of yourself in the best way you know how to without sacrificing the simplest pleasures of life, and that is exactly what we want to deliver,” said Ms. Berry. “De Soi is all about balance.”

Willow Growth led the initial $4 million round with the Creative Arts Agency.

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