Le Duff has acquired Lecoq Cuisine as it strengthens its North American operations

July 21, 2022 – Groupe Le Duff (Le Duff) and its subsidiary Bridor acquire Lecoq Cuisine Corporation (Lecoq Cuisine), a major North American player in Viennese and French specialty pastries. This latest investment in the United States is intended to support Bridor’s global growth, and to enhance its existing production capabilities in the United States and Canada.

Le Duff has previously invested more than €200 million (US$204 million) in production sites in North America.

Prideur is present in more than 100 countries across five continents.

Founded in 1991 in New York, United States, by acclaimed pastry chef Eric Lecoc, Lecoq Cuisine manufactures and markets more than 150 varieties of premium products, notably vein (the famous croissants – sweet and savory; Danish; cinnamon rolls; puff pastry and brioche).

Expanding French Cuisine Outside Europe
Lecoq Cuisine is mainly located in the United States, and also exports to Canada and the Caribbean. Products are manufactured at the company’s production site in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The company employs 250 collaborators, and has revenue of $60 million this year.

Le Duff has previously invested more than €200 million (US$204 million) in production sites in North America.Lecoq Cuisine uses only traditional French recipes and emphasizes proprietary manufacturing methods to deliver the best products to its customers.

These values ​​are shared by Bridor, who continues to create healthy and natural products and collaborates with chefs and artisans such as those laureates of the Meilleurs Ouvrier de France.

Louis Le Duve, founder and president of Le Duff Group and Bridor, stated: “Having followed Eric Lecock’s exemplary career with great interest for several years, I am particularly proud of this acquisition. The group’s international history is closely linked to the United States, my second home.”

Eric Lecoq, founder and CEO of Lecoq Cuisine adds, “Our intense focus on excellence and innovation is matched only by Le Duff’s reputation and proven track record of producing high quality products and exceptional customer service throughout its nearly 50-year history.”

“Together, we will be a force in every market we operate in.”

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