Ouray new restaurant is expanding rapidly

Locals and visitors alike now have the perfect place to grab a quick sandwich or sit-down breakfast, even if dietary restrictions leave them scrambling to enjoy their summer mountain adventures.

Kami Harrison has opened her own sandwich shop, Kami’s Samis, at 636 Main St. , the former location of Camp-Bell’s Cajun Kitchen, opened on Memorial Day weekend and rapidly expanded from serving cold sandwiches to a full menu of hot and cold breakfast options and stirring up warm sandwiches in a comfortable seating restaurant.

Harrison is originally from Florida, and moved to the area four years ago. She has worked in hospitality her whole life, most recently at The Outlaw in Ouray.

When she first came to Colorado, she came for a change of scenery.

“I had some family members who lived in Colorado,” she said. “So I sold my house. I bought a camper, got out here and lived in my camper for about eight months,” she said.

That was four years ago, and Harrison has since settled down and married.

I initially planned to serve sandwiches, but when I learned about the availability of space on Main Street, I jumped at the chance.

“At first I was just making ready-made sandwiches and then I added little things here or there.”

One of these additions includes options for those with dietary restrictions. Soon after opening, it received requests for gluten-free and dairy-free options.

“When I first started this, there was a kind of niche that I didn’t realize my town kind of needed,” Harrison said. “So I expanded this part of the menu as I have a lot of options that are gluten-free, vegan, and dairy-free as well. There aren’t a lot of options in town for that kind of thing.”

Harrison said she was blessed to find experienced staff despite the difficult housing situation in the area.

Kitchen issues limited the menu in the first few weeks after opening, but now that repairs to the oven are complete, the menu has been expanded and the dining area opened.

Kami’s also serves picnic lunch. “Everything is taken care of for you,” Harrison said of pre-ordered picnic lunches that include a sandwich, chips, a drink and a biscuit that are provided in an insulated tote with dry ice, so your drinks, chips, sandwiches or snacks. Popular with visitors who go on jeep tours.

Kami’s also offers specialty desserts and breakfast items such as cinnamon rolls, bananas, pancakes, ricotta cheese with mixed berries, and French toast. Vegetarian and gluten-free options are also available.

“I have a brikki burger for people who go out on trails and need more sustainable energy. I also make Kami Cristo, which is French toast with ham and cheese, and that is delicious.”

Harrison hopes to expand serving dinner by next summer.

“The biggest hurdle for me was just finding employees. With only the three of us we have now, this is a lot between breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

Harrison and her staff set up special events and parties for the evening after the restaurant officially closed at 2pm

“There is a kind of limited space in the city for event rentals, especially spaces that already have tables and chairs,” Harrison said, adding that she also welcomes smaller, more intimate gatherings.

In the evening, the restaurant will transform into a place she calls “Taste at Night,” with catering options, from appetizers served to sit-down meals. Those interested can email Harrison at kami@kamissamis.com to make arrangements.

Kami’s Samis is currently open from 7am to 2pm every day of the week except Thursday.

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