Richmond Food News: July 28 – August 4


With true-blue dive bars and state-of-the-art liquid labs, the Richmond area’s cocktail and beverage scene is fun, familiar, and thriving. Join us on a journey down memory lane to explore popular places Beverages that set contracts And discover where to order these classic cocktails across the region. We also jump behind the wood To catch up with prominent bar managers and mixologists to discuss everything from Current trends for standing ordersExploring the boom Soulless drink movement I remember some Favorite watering holes From Richmond’s past. Come thirsty – cheers! (Richmond magazine)

deeper roots

Hamid Noori of Afghani Restaurant Manto plans to open a market, cafe and bakery of the same name in mid-August. Henrico’s fast-casual shop and restaurant, called The Mantu Market, will offer a limited menu of starters and appetizers – including their famous nori Manto dumplings – as well as shelves filled with Afghani spices and ingredients, and a heavy emphasis on fresh naan. (Richmond magazine)

The queen of restaurants

kendra feather It is synonymous with restaurants, serving the vegetarian establishment Ipanema Cafe, charming sandwich shop Garnett’s, Church Hill’s Southern The Roosevelt restaurant, and modern spin on fern bar, Laura Lee’s. Integral to the mystery of Richmond’s dining scene, we caught up with the VCU graduate and restaurateur to talk about the basics of a fridge, a perfect night out and a video game you just can’t get enough of. (Richmond magazine)

RVA love

Jackson Wards Restaurant branch Selected as one of Wine Enthusiast’s Forward 50 restaurants of 2022, the shout-out touts the Basque Lair to offer Virginia’s largest stock of organic, organic, low-intervention wines.

Shows some love for the classic pull back chair, Beer bar feelingsPaste magazine recently released a list of foamy stops that provide a nostalgic old-school flair, including some honorable mentions. Nods include a patron from The Cask Cafe and Capital Ale House to Union Market. (paste magazine)


Baltimore beef, disco balls and an outdoor music venue await at Fan’s Get a tight lounge, a retrospective respite from a duo of veteran restaurateurs whose resumes include En Su Boca, Beauvine Burger and Fuzzy Cactus. (Richmond magazine)

This is bag snack season as we move from backyard gatherings to riverside hangouts – come prepared with this set of Crunchy local treats. (Richmond magazine)

blueberry They’ll experience their seasonal release, but before they say goodbye, check out our buying tips, where to hang your summer fruit and an eye-catching recipe from JC Desserts. (Richmond magazine)

choco bottom bakery whisk Heading west. New owner Billy Bryan – who took over in March – has announced that he will unveil a second site at 8308 Staples Mill Road that will double as the company’s production facility and allow them to expand their homemade offerings. (Richmond Business)

jumping heads: HeArt & Soul Brew . Festival He takes his lavish party to City Stadium in his biggest event yet on July 30th. Hosted by the Richmond Black Restaurant Experience, the all-day bash blends African cuisine, hip-hop and soul music, local art, and the city’s thriving craft beer community.

since its inception, Autumn farms for olives He earned the title of one of the major pork suppliers in the region. The family-led Shenandoah Valley operation is now adding to its repertoire. Look to Traniums to introduce 100% grass-fed beef in the coming weeks.

Dubbed the “indoor wonderland” of beer, bowling, food, mini golf, Park in RV He will present the largest bar in the Commonwealth – there will already be three in total – in the entertainment complex. Led by Basem Mansour, president of Michael & Son, the 55,000-square-foot venue near The Diamond is on its fall opening. (Richmond Business)

A vegan transformed brick-and-mortar food truck Hang SpaceC., which had a four-year term, announced that its last day of plant-based service will be Thursday, July 28.

Lakeside residents looking for hoagie, there’s a new neighbor in the area and they’re looking to cater to your sandwich needs. I popped the Lakeside Daily last week at 5014 Lakeside Avenue.

Atos Chicken & Grill It rings on their second anniversary with an afternoon feast at The Answer. The food cart will be joined by colleagues from Filipino food companies including temporary bakery Amusing Maria and Auntie Ning’s. Note: catch a Glance From these custard pie rolls and Obi Insayama I’m totally into dessert.

earlier this week, RVA Community Refrigerators – A volunteer-run organization aimed at tackling food insecurity – has officially presented its 10th refrigerator at Black Rabbit Tattoo.

All-season dedication to the legacy of tomato and Virginia wine, Somme Summer Dinner SeriesThe final festivities conclude on August 18th. Remaining events include Dinner at JewFro, Shagbark, The Kitchen Classroom, No Goodbyes at Line Hotel, Palladio at Barboursville Vineyards, The Lobby Bar at Quirk Hotel, L’Auberge Chez Francis, The Shack and Zoe’s Steakhouse. (Richmond magazine)

Upcoming events

  • Welcome to the Manchester pop up, Basic City Beer Co. (July 29): Eat That Steak 1985 makes a lively appearance at their Manchester brewery
  • Jackie Wayne Beef Pop Up2nd Wine Bottle Store (July 30): Place pre-orders in advance and stock up on the fridge, plus sample some wine.
  • emo nightBingo Beer Co., Ltd. (July 30): Throw out these Hot Topic T-shirts for the return of festive emo night, flashbacks when Jimmy Eat World, Take Back Sunday and other sentiment-fueled bands dominated the airwaves.
  • Old Town Cedar PopupThe Jasper (July 30): An evening of hard cider from a visit to the Old Town Cidery, paired with cider-inspired cocktails and tacos from Fat Tyler’s Meat Cart.
  • Agriberry farm visit dayAgriberry Farm (July 30): Select from hour-long time slots to explore and pick the bountiful berries on your Hanover farm. Can’t you do that? There is another event in August.
  • Beer, Bourbon & Barbecue FestivalMeadow Creek Event Park (July 30): Trifecta for “Bs” partner for a full-day event showcasing everything from local ques to whole pig shows and plenty of bourbon tasting.
  • TBT Bell, The Veil Brewing, and Starr Hill Brewery (July 30-31): Taqueria TBT El Gallo serves up a double dose of menu items inspired by fast food chain Taco Bell, as the weekend event begins at The Veil, followed by Star Hill.
  • Cinema In The Courtyard, The Lobby Bar at Quirk Hotel (July 31): The kingdom of “Moonrise” appears on screen in this outdoor viewing featuring snacks.

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