Tesla deploys cube lounges at its Supercharger station with coffee, automated food and more

Tesla has deployed large cube lounges at its Supercharger station in Germany equipped with automated vending machines for coffee, food, and more.

A new partnership with bk World to deploy these terminals could reshape Tesla’s Supercharger networks in areas where deploying charging stations near amenities is more difficult.

Tesla is trying to spread its supercharger stations on properties around amenities that serve food, coffee, and restrooms, but that’s not always easy.

On a few sites, Tesla has posted its own lounges to offer those facilities.

Now the automaker is trying a new approach with a partnership with bk World which has developed a new deployable cube lounge that includes a range of amenities – many of which are automated:

“bk World of course provides bathroom facilities, while a comfortable lounge area invites drivers to relax. But the concept is more comprehensive. For example, it makes very effective use of the small footprint. Many products are dispensed in a fully automated way. Food that drivers can buy at The site is healthy, fresh and low in sugar.When choosing the product range, the planners deliberately avoided working with large companies and instead chose to focus on keeping things regional and sustainable.Together with entrepreneur and investor Marcel Janssen, work is even underway on developing an innovative, own healthy food portfolio. for BK World Corporation.

Drivers have to log into an app to access the lounge:

Inside, you can access different foods, drinks, and even some electronic devices through a high-tech automated vending machine:

Outside, there’s a machine that can make fresh pizza for you in about four minutes:

Most importantly, the deployable conditioned cubes are equipped with full toilets:

In the lounge area, there is a Nintendo Switch for kids – big or small:

There are also seating areas with electrical sockets for people to work or charge their devices:

bk World says the lounges are easily deployable and can be moved quickly:

bk World consists of what are known as Qubes – modular and moveable room elements that can be combined in many ways to meet a variety of space requirements on the site. When the freight facility grows, so can bk World. Qubes can be assembled, disassembled and transported in a very short time. This is especially good news for landlords, but also for utility operators. Should the lease expire, bk World offers as much flexibility as possible. The smallest version, with a sitting area and a Qube bathroom, occupies about 50 square metres – but there is no limit to the size of bk World. This reduces material waste and makes demolitions a thing of the past. And bk World’s inherent adaptability makes it easy to find the right spots.

While this is the first station to use this new technology, the company says it has 300 sites planned across Europe:

The bk World at Endsee is now open and ready to welcome all visitors to the Tesla cargo park. But this first location is just the beginning: in the next five years, bk World Holding GmbH plans to open 300 locations across Europe. bk World will soon be available in charging yards operated by the largest charging point operators and energy providers – for the benefit of customers, retailers and the environment.

It’s unclear how many of those are in partnership with Tesla.

Here, the Out of Specs website visited the station and took a look inside the terminal. You can watch the video here:

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